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pinch valveFlowrise Pinch Valve is one of the best Valves in its category with great performance and maintenance free. Being a Indian Manufacturer, our main focus is to manufacture high quality PINCH VALVES with latest technology and available resources. We are located at Ahmedabad – India with state of art manufacturing facility for manufacturing Pinch Valves and its related process. Flowrise Pinch Valves ready available in the market. For Customization allow us 10-20 days depending on your order size and volume of Pinch Valve.

We want to make assure that our Valves are error free with 100% in-house tested and most economical in price. We are looking for business associated and distributor for our precious industrial products. You can email us your detailed business profile for taking marketing associates for Flowrise Valves.

Mission Statement, and Why Flowrise?

A customer-oriented company places ‘customer satisfaction’ at the core of each of its business decisions, and so is with Flowrise. Creating and maintaining a strong relationship with its customers, Flowrise provides a triangular mix of Quality Standards, Exclusive Pinch Valves, and Reasonable Pricing.

Our Products

  • Pneumatic Pinch Valve

    For the particular applications, Pneumatic Pinch valves are fabricated with specific construction sleeve material. It is popular to offer rapid closure of valve and can be efficiently used for highly abrasive media. Our range of pinch valves offers 100% tight shut-off.

  • Industrial Pinch Valves

    We offer robust range of industrial pinch valves, especially suited for the suspended solids and slurries. Due to its property to make effective and quick shut off of the flow, it is used in ceramic, paper and pulp, food and beverages, steel, cement, waste water, mining and many more industries.

  • Open Body Pinch Valve

    Our reliable series of open body pinch valves are available with different connection options. It is light in weight and contain pneumatic cylinder to operate it. It is also available with anti-corrosive range of pinch valves.

  • Close Body Pinch Valve

    Being ISO 9001:2008 certified company of Gujarat, India, we offer high quality pinch valves that are highly demanded for its non-clogging application. It helps to allow free flow of the medium. It effectively works also for the highly abrasive materials. It works as a control valve.

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