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Beena Engineering works was established in the year 1989 by Mr. Umesh Chandra and Amratial Shah. After gaining nearly 3 decades of experience in the market as a manufacturer of Pinch Valves, we are capable to understand the needs of the client and the market. We are able to provide a wide range of valves that are fabricated as per the application where they are to be used. We utilize the best quality of materials and latest technology to offer high standard pinch valves. The products we provide are cost effective and completely reliable that do not require maintenance for years. To provide complete satisfaction to our customers, we have assigned specially trained designers that design the pinch valve in accordance to the industrials needs.
These valves are offered at the industry standards, but we also customize them as per the need of the customer to accurately satisfy and meet their requirements. The valves are checked under the strict conditions under the supervision of quality check experts. They ensure the smooth finishing, high quality, flawless performance and reliability. These Pinch Valves we provide are famous not only in the domestic market of India but has also gained great reputation in the International market for the quality they offer.

To be a world leader among the industries for providing the highest quality of butterfly valve, pinch valve and other valves. To constantly adopt new technology and improve the design of the valves for the progress, prosperity and satisfaction of our clients. To ensure we meet customer requirements accurately and provide them with the most reliable products.

To become the most preferred local as well as international industry for providing cost effective and reliable pinch valve. Our aim is not just to make profit, but also contribute in presenting a wide range of valve like butterfly, pinch, ball, etc. We believe in changing with the advancement of the technology that helps us provide the best quality, makes the customer satisfied and also helps our employees to learn new features.

What Is Pinch Valve?

Pinch valve is a special type of valve that designed to control or hinder the flow of any liquid in industries using pinching effect. There are various types of pinch valves classified based on the type of application that it is to be used. The valve uses a linear motion to control the flow. There is a disc which is similar to a diaphragm. The stem in pinch valve is a freely moving connection to the compressor. As the hand wheel connected to them is turned it squeezes the liner and closes a valve and stops the flow of the substance.

What Are The Main Parts Of Pinch Valve?

The main components in pinch valve are its body, sleeve and end connectors. The important part is the sleeve as it controls the flow of the liquid and isolates it from the surrounding. The flexible rubber on sleeve makes it possible to close it so tightly that not even a single drop of substance leaks from the valve. The rubber sleeve is the component that makes it possible for the pinch valve to stop the flow.
Years of experience in the same field has enabled us to accurately understand the industry requirements and manufacture the pinch valve that exactly matches the standards. We are capable to provide a complete range of valves including pinch valves, butterfly valves, pulp valves, ball valves, piston valves, knife edge gate valves, gear operated pinch valves, diaphragm valve, chain operated pinch valves etc. Our excellent workforce allows us to provide top quality valves and makes us confident in the products that we deliver to our customers. Each product manufactured at our company is verified and passed under various quality check parameters and only after clearing them we supply them to our clients.

Types Of Pinch Valve

Advantages Of Pinch Valves

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